The Winter Road: A Novelette



On February 21st, 2018 a short story of mine, The Winter Road, was published as a novelette by Bloodstone Press, an affiliate of Alcyone Press. So far the process has been pretty smooth with a big thanks to Mandi Jourdan and her team – to whose credit that awesome cover goes to!


Overall, it has been a helpful and positive learning experience for when I want to publish and market a novella later this year / early next year.

Here are purchase links and the Synopsis below:



The onset of winter, A.D. 60: With the demise of her tribe at the hands of the Romans, a young woman has to steel herself to the life of slavery that awaits her. Having been both witness and victim to the horrors of war, Isolde soon realises that not everything is as it seems in life as she is plucked from her own reality and thrust into captivity at the hands of an invading culture. She is taken prisoner and then made a slave to the Roman Centurion Gaius Aquilius. With the culmination of the Iceni rebellion resulting in a victory for the Roman Empire, Isolde sets forth for her new home against her will, full of the certainty that she is destined for a life of degradation and humiliation. The Winter Road is a story about resilience and the will to overcome adversity, as told through the eyes of a woman in distress.


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