Europe 12.11.2018 – The Garfagnana

Day 2 in Europe I stayed over at my cousin’s place in Termina Vicinato which he has been working on and improving over the years and I must say, he has done a wonderful job with the place!

The house has Four Bedrooms, two bathrooms, a view of the Garfagnana area of Tuscany; I’d seriously recommend it to anybody who is keen to visit the area:

Luxurious Tuscan Mountain Retreat

Some photos of the place  (including the view) are featured below:


Without a doubt, the Tuscan scenery is exquisite and one of the benefits of having a good camera – and knowing how to use it – allows me to convey this message through digital imagery and not only through descriptive prose (one can reserve that for works of fiction 😉 ).

This was also a great opportunity to explore the Garfagnana area for a little bit and walk through some of the villages. The closest village to Vicinato is Molazzana. However, there are others in the vicinity such as Barga, Galicano, Mologno to name but a few. All of these villages are beautiful and I will most likely visit different ones whenever I am in the area. The Castle of the Garfagnana is also on my list for the next trip to Tuscany. For now though, here are some pictures from our walk in a village called Sassi:


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