Europe 13.11.2018 – Italy

Day 3 of the Europe 2018 tour with my cousin, Anthony:

Now, after another night in this place (which I shall aptly dub): Most Luxurious Mountain Retreat in Tuscany To Which I Shall Return, it was time for us to set off on the purpose of our journey which was to drive this vehicle featured below from Vicinato in Italy to Hull in the United Kingdom in order for said vehicle to undergo its M.O.T license in due time.



Always glad to help and do my part 🙂


We spent the morning sightseeing through the area and stopped to take some photographs of the Ponte de Magdalena on our journey to the Swiss border. The bridge runs over the River Serchio in the Garfagnana area. Here are some photographs below:



And please enjoy a few more for those readers who appreciate Monochrome images:



Now, some points before we arrive in Switzerland:

  • When exploring these villages there are plenty of great places to stop and eat, mostly little family run restaurants. I’m not much of a foodie but I will make a point of mentioning meal arrangements in future blogs, if not now the Europe 2019 blog, so bear with me and enjoy the photographs.
  • Europe before the snows is still pretty chilly, but it is manageable and one does not need to worry about changing vehicle tires to adapt to the snow
  • I travelled on my Israeli Passport and when I left the local authorities were more pedantic in checking the slightest tear in worn out travel document than the Italians. That said, I will make sure that my travel document is in good condition anyway so as to avoid any future hitches and glitches which may arise.
  • The Swiss (Who are not in the E.U.) didn’t even check our passports


Ant and I stopped off in a town called Como in Northern Italy prior to crossing the border – a lovely place but alas, I had already packed the camera away – so next time!

This was my first time in Switzerland and I must confess that some of the views along the highway were breathtaking, but it was my turn at the wheel, so please wait until tomorrow for some Swiss pics.

We arrived in Bern in the evening and checked in at the Hotel Marthahaus:

Great place. Great Location and Great service when we were there!

The evening was spent both dining at the Cafe Restaurant Viktoria on the corner of Viktoriastrasse and Moserstrasse  followed by a tour of the old city led by a friend of mine who grew up in Bern. Bern is an expensive city, yet it is a beautiful one, steeped in culture and history and totally worth a visit. Pics to follow tomorrow 🙂


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