Is Three Officially a Clowder?

Let’s get a few things straight:


Firstly, I know that I haven’t posted an introductory blog and that is NOT cool – I am working on it!


Secondly, this is not actually a travel blog – I do not make a point of recommending hotels or airlines, I prefer to photograph as I go along and this applies to life in general and not just overseas trips. I am actually in the process of a creating a portrait studio but let’s be honest, travel photography is fun!


Thirdly, this is not a cat blog despite this next group of photos 😉


This is a general photography and creative writing blog as these two activities are my favourite and I am slowly but surely turning both into sources of income. I figure that I may as well enjoy what I do.


That said, my cats are always part of the picture if they can help it (pun intended). They scrawl across my keyboard and invade my frame whenever they need attention or are just bored. All three of them are rescues, all three of them are spoilt, all three of them are loved and coddled in the household by my wife, daughters and myself.


Elf is the black and white dude, Alexa is the grey tabby and Chasey is the little ginger dude. I feel that some random cat photos are a welcome change from the morning European photoshoots (there are only three more left) and photographing animals both wild and domestic is something which happens often during my travels and photography excursions.


Lastly, I think that three actually is a clowder, but feel free to contest and comment.





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