Europe 14.11.2018 – Switzerland

Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the faithful!


The morning of the 14th was a Wednesday. I remember getting up before Ant and retracing our steps from last night. I took the opportunity to get some snaps of Old Bern in the cloudy morning sky – especially the Zytglogge. Now bear in mind (pun intended) that the mascot of the city of Bern is a bear – the name Bern literally means “bear” so many of the statues and murals are of an ursine nature. Also, the Cathedral of St. Vincent or the Bern Munster was undergoing some renovations.


In summary, we are talking about a city rich in culture and a country which is steeped in it’s own unique heritage. On that note, Swiss culture is quite diverse, let us also consider among other things that the four national languages of Switzerland are French, German, Romansh and Italian. I think that French and German are co-official in Bern, but everyone whom we encountered spoke English anyway.


But without getting into politics and issues which probably don’t concern a tourist such as myself, please enjoy my photographs:



Here are some Black and Whites as well:

I hope that anyone who is following my blog is enjoying it so far. There will be more photographs uploaded tomorrow.


Cheers for now

5 thoughts on “Europe 14.11.2018 – Switzerland

  1. When we were planning our Swiss vacation, no one mentioned Bern. We ended up going there for a day to meet a family member and all I can say is that it’s among my favourite cities in the world. The old town specially which you’ve captured beautifully was a delight. Have a look at some of my Swiss posts when you get time. Cheers!

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