Europe 17.11.2018 – Hull

Last Post of the travel photography blog readers! One hopes that the photos have been pleasing to the eye until now.


On the late afternoon of the 16th, we pulled into the Port of Rotterdam and parked the vehicle on the Pride of Rotterdam. As a former Security Guard on a Cruise Ship (The GTS Summit) I cannot explain how awesome it was just to relive all of those memories! The Pride of Rotterdam is also a great vessel with many amenities and an awesome restaurant – again though, this isn’t really a foodie blog (next time).


The morning of the 17th we docked in Hull:


Mission almost complete, we booked our vehicle in for its test and enjoyed the 2017 UK city of culture, Kingston upon Hull:


The port, the old city, the art gallery, go give it a visit if you are ever in the area and enjoy some B&W images from me as well 😉



This marks the end of my short travel photography blog. I hope that the photos were enjoyable and will probably post about other topics, including creative writing, pretty soon.

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