Belated Introduction

I feel that the “About” section of the blog should cover the basics of a blog like this. However, I realise that there is a need for a mission statement. So, the purpose of this website is to showcase my photography and creative writing. It is not a personal blog as such, though in the arts, I find that one’s experiences tend to be manifested in the final products, regardless of whether it is visual art or written art. That said, the majority of my personal life I keep to myself and I am sure that other photographers, bloggers and readers respect that. Also, politics is kept out of art, any political comments on this blog get booted – it is an autocratic website where I hold a dictatoris edictum.


I immigrated to Israel in 2009 and between 2010 and 2018 I spent most of my adult life here in service until deciding that I wanted to experience life differently. That said, my last role was as a field cameraman in the Police Service, so one can expect that a there is still quite a strong influence on some of my photography from this background, especially when it comes to photographing security forces.


The Sentinel
The Sentinel




I was trained through the police by a master of both the new digital and old photographic arts, Erez Granek. As a retiree of the Police Service, he now runs Visual Media Centre and his work is definitely worth checking out. Erez remains a heavy influence and an incredible source of knowledge on my own work – as well as being a good friend.


When I was still new to the art, I took a couple of courses online to learn the basics. Most of the work I submitted was influenced by the rural nature of the area which I live in.




Formally, I was trained by Suzi Aviv from the Allon Kira School of Photography in Israel. Apart from being a patient and wonderful instructor, Suzi is an incredible, talented and diverse photographer and the images which she produces are captivating and stunning. It is well worth one’s while to examine Suzi’s work and her portfolio.


Regarding Suzie and Erez, I must say that I am very privileged to have learnt under and worked alongside two Masters of this craft.


Other influences and artists who I also admire in the field of photography include Ansell Adams, Gerda Taro, Robert Capa and Annie Leibovitz. Bear in mind that I am an aspiring portrait/studio photographer.



I also enjoy travelling and seeing the world, such sights I intend to add to this website given the opportunity.



As far as creative writing is concerned, I have had three short stories published so far – one as a novelette – and I am working on my first novella. The novelette is named “The Winter Road” and it was previously published by Bloodstone Press (Alcyone Press) until the rights reverted back to me recently. I will republish “The Winter Road” but I do hope to write and present it as a longer novella one day and work with Alcyone / Bloodstone again in future. Their Chief Editor, Mandi Jourdan did a great job of editing the first print and the cover design, so I was properly spoilt in my first publication.




The genre which draws me in the most is historical fiction, yet fantasy is an easier genre to write in for now as it requires less in travel time expenses. Needless to say, I know where the first historical fiction novel will probably be set…



Please feel free to browse through my website and its pages as well as leave comments. Criticism, feedback and reviews are most welcome as long as they are honest and upfront.




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