The Exhibition is Up!

This is the second time which I have participated in an exhibition and exhibited photographs. This is also the first time where it has been my own exhibition with exclusively my pictures.

The theme for this particular exhibition is “Faces from Out and About” where I show off portraits of people (and livestock) who I encounter around the kibbutz I live on and in daily life. This does include my family (surprise surprise!).

Personally, seeing one’s images printed out and hanging on a wall has an entirely different effect on me than seeing them digitally on a screen.

I am really glad to do my first exhibition where I live – on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet. I have to extend a big thank you to my friend Bill Strubbe of the Kibbutz Ein Hashofet Culture Department for being the driving force behind getting me to print, frame and hang up my work for people to peruse. Also, I am grateful to extend my thanks to Amos Nevo for his support and assistance in me acquiring the necessary photography gear to produce quality images. Lastly, thank you to all of the people who permitted me to use their portraits in my exhibition.

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