Getting back into it…

I went out on a walk with my daughters today with the intention of taking some photographs and uploading them. It has been quite a while since I have photographed anything for my own recreation. Truth be told, after August (my second month as a freelancer) I just didn’t seem to have the time… ItsContinue reading “Getting back into it…”

Exposure! 2019/2020 Calendar

There is a chance that my kibbutz will use the majority of its next calendar photos from my collection. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but it will be great exposure and really fun to see my images going around. The photographs will have to do with kibbutz life and kibbutz festivals Here isContinue reading “Exposure! 2019/2020 Calendar”

Europe 11.11.2018 – Milan

It is actually about time that I start uploading my Europe photos in order instead of in dribs and drabs on facebook.   November, before the snows hit, I went for a short road trip through Europe with my cousin. Day 1 involved meeting up in Milan – the destination of my EasyJet flight. ItContinue reading “Europe 11.11.2018 – Milan”