What Bird is This?

Can anyone tell me? He was visiting our neighbourhood…

Getting back into it…

I went out on a walk with my daughters today with the intention of taking some photographs and uploading them. It has been quite a while since I have photographed anything for my own recreation. Truth be told, after August (my second month as a freelancer) I just didn’t seem to have the time…

Its nice to start again:

Trying to Get the Butterfly Light

I have finally assembled and readied a studio within a stone’s throw from my house. It needs better ventilation but otherwise, it is a room which can be rendered completely dark.

One of my earliest projects was to try and capture the butterfly light effect under the nose of a portrait subject. There are so many videos on YouTube about the techniques for the classic looks (Rembrandt, Split Light, Butterfly etc.) as well as equipment (Softbox vs Hard Flash etc.).

I went for the overhead softbox in order to try and capture a slight / subtle butterfly light. Methinks that the technique would require more compliant subjects though…

A Word on Advertising

This is a brief post on advertising.

My first web post is up for a year and I am advertising on a site called “Anglo List.”

The site is aimed at English speaking immigrants in Israel and perhaps it is a good idea to advertise within my linguistic group before anything else. There are over 10000 members in the “Anglo-List” facebook group and a fair number of English speaking immigrants from my area northwards.

Bear in mind that I live in the South of Northern Israel, so working in the centre is also a viable option for me.

Cyprus: Onboard the Crown Iris

My wife and I recently went on a Cruise from Israel to Cyprus. It certainly brought back memories from my contract with Celebrity Cruises in 2008.

I was a Security Guard for Six Months on the GTS Summit in 2008. Damn I look young in this picture!

Exhibition: The Final Thank Yous

Well, this is my last post about this exhibition. It was a great experience – so until the next one, enjoy the slideshow 🙂

The Site Split! Photography vs Creative Writing

For anybody wondering where on earth my Creative Writing blog has gone, please click here.

I have decided to keep my updates pertaining to creative writing on a separate page. Any month now, there will be a novella ready for purchase and it is best to keep the disciplines of photography and creative writing on separate sites – in my opinion anyways.

My First Exhibition: Portraits

It was a wonderful experience to put together my first exhibition and the feedback was really positive.

I am posting the images from the exhibition here for anyone who is interested. There will also be a slideshow posted about it.

Seeing oneself in an exhibition

Well, somebody saw herself in my photo exhibition – I think that she was pretty impressed!

This little exhibition is drawing to an end in a couple of weeks and it has me thinking and pondering what theme or style I should go for next year.

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