Here is a small collection of the interesting residents of my area, those who would be better photographed with a macro lens…

Rural Israel is really worth taking a look at. Especially the area where I live in.

Trees / Fog

This one earned an award on Viewbug. It would be nice to win some gear in one of those competitions….

There is a chance that my kibbutz will use the majority of its next calendar photos from my collection.

Nothing is set in stone just yet, but it will be great exposure and really fun to see my images going around. The photographs will have to do with kibbutz life and kibbutz festivals Here is a teaser of some photographs which I have put forward. Understand that nothing is final, and some of these images I have already withdrawn.

Anyone who wishes to know which images are chosen in the end is more than welcome to order a calendar 😉

Here is a recap of some photographs from previous years which I have taken of places to do with religion or of worship.


Well, in the coming weeks, I will be having an exhibition twenty portraits. The exhibition will be held at Kibbutz Ein Hashofet – when and for how long? It looks like mid June and I still have to iron out the finer details such as duration, frames and the final picture count. For now, here’s a teaser:

Summer is upon us…

Went out in the fields to test reception for work today and one could feel the heat when one left the car.

Hot, but still a lovely day


Could there be anything more rewarding and concurrently more challenging than trying one’s best to raise children?



These green ring necked parakeets are all over Israel. Despite their looks, they are actually a real nuisance. Still, they are pretty and it can be worth taking a few snapshots when one has an opportunity.


The last part of our hike down to the fields and the flower garden at the south side of the Kibbutz


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