Alexander S. Findlay


My wife and I recently went on a Cruise from Israel to Cyprus. It certainly brought back memories from my contract with Celebrity Cruises in 2008.

Well, this is my last post about this exhibition. It was a great experience – so until the next one, enjoy the slideshow 🙂

It was a wonderful experience to put together my first exhibition and the feedback was really positive. I am posting the images from the exhibition here for anyone who is interested. There will also be a slideshow posted about it.

As explained in the title, I have some slightly different shots of my daughters 😉

This one earned an award on Viewbug. It would be nice to win some gear in one of those competitions….

Well, in the coming weeks, I will be having an exhibition twenty portraits. The exhibition will be held at Kibbutz Ein Hashofet – when and for how long? It looks like mid June and I still have to iron out the finer details such as duration, frames and the final picture count. For now, here’s a teaser: