Alexander S. Findlay


Old Fortifications in Northern Israel.

This was from a trip I was on in 2017! I am so glad that I found these images, the Old City is really worth a visit. If I had known where these photos were I would have added the synagogue ones to my “Recap on Religion” post.

Rural Israel is really worth taking a look at. Especially the area where I live in.

There is a chance that my kibbutz will use the majority of its next calendar photos from my collection. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but it will be great exposure and really fun to see my images going around. The photographs will have to do with kibbutz life and kibbutz festivals Here is a teaser of some photographs which I have put forward. Understand that nothing is final, and some… Read More

For those who are interested in Archaeology, Herodium National park is more than worth the visit. Here are a few photographs which I took of the site mid-2018. The whole fortress is built on an artificial mountain, constructed by Herod the Great c.23-15BCE. More information on the site, including the history, location and visiting hours can be found on the Israeli Parks Authority website.   The place is rich in History and… Read More