Alexander S. Findlay


I edited a slideshow to summarise my photographs from Italy in 2018, the music is Vivaldi and not Verdi – despite the photos being from Milan and Toscana, not Venice! Nevertheless, I enjoy both composers and hope that you enjoy my photographs 😉 I love this country and hope to visit there as often as possible.        

Day 3 of the Europe 2018 tour with my cousin, Anthony: Now, after another night in this place (which I shall aptly dub): Most Luxurious Mountain Retreat in Tuscany To Which I Shall Return, it was time for us to set off on the purpose of our journey which was to drive this vehicle featured below from Vicinato in Italy to Hull in the United Kingdom in order for said vehicle to undergo its… Read More

Day 2 in Europe I stayed over at my cousin’s place in Termina Vicinato which he has been working on and improving over the years and I must say, he has done a wonderful job with the place! The house has Four Bedrooms, two bathrooms, a view of the Garfagnana area of Tuscany; I’d seriously recommend it to anybody who is keen to visit the area: Luxurious Tuscan Mountain Retreat Some photos… Read More

It is actually about time that I start uploading my Europe photos in order instead of in dribs and drabs on facebook.   November, before the snows hit, I went for a short road trip through Europe with my cousin. Day 1 involved meeting up in Milan – the destination of my EasyJet flight. It was my first time in the city, if not in Italy, and I am glad that we… Read More