Alexander S. Findlay


I went out on a walk with my daughters today with the intention of taking some photographs and uploading them. It has been quite a while since I have photographed anything for my own recreation. Truth be told, after August (my second month as a freelancer) I just didn’t seem to have the time… Its nice to start again:

An exhibition on a kibbutz would not be complete without a decent rural picture or three…

…since Alex Findlay went on and on about how beautiful the area he lives in is…

Here is a small collection of the interesting residents of my area, those who would be better photographed with a macro lens…

Rural Israel is really worth taking a look at. Especially the area where I live in.

This one earned an award on Viewbug. It would be nice to win some gear in one of those competitions….

These green ring necked parakeets are all over Israel. Despite their looks, they are actually a real nuisance. Still, they are pretty and it can be worth taking a few snapshots when one has an opportunity.  

People relax! I teach my child to be kind, so it is needless to say that she put the snails back on some leaves.

My daughter and I took a little walk on Friday. Here is what we saw: