Alexander S. Findlay


Old Fortifications in Northern Israel.

…since Alex Findlay went on and on about how beautiful the area he lives in is…

Here is a small collection of the interesting residents of my area, those who would be better photographed with a macro lens…

Rural Israel is really worth taking a look at. Especially the area where I live in.

These green ring necked parakeets are all over Israel. Despite their looks, they are actually a real nuisance. Still, they are pretty and it can be worth taking a few snapshots when one has an opportunity.  

People relax! I teach my child to be kind, so it is needless to say that she put the snails back on some leaves.

My daughter and I took a little walk on Friday. Here is what we saw:  

Winter in Israel has decided not to subside just yet. In the north we have been blessed with a welcome bout of rain and chilly weather. Whilst this does not allow for long exposure shots of flowing periodic rivers or wadis, the wildflowers are in full bloom.   I went for a work earlier today with my daughters to see what we could find. Unfortunately, my camera was left on “jpeg –… Read More