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This was from a trip I was on in 2017! I am so glad that I found these images, the Old City is really worth a visit. If I had known where these photos were I would have added the synagogue ones to my “Recap on Religion” post.

Here is a recap of some photographs from previous years which I have taken of places to do with religion or of worship. Enjoy:

I edited a slideshow to summarise my photographs from Italy in 2018, the music is Vivaldi and not Verdi – despite the photos being from Milan and Toscana, not Venice! Nevertheless, I enjoy both composers and hope that you enjoy my photographs 😉 I love this country and hope to visit there as often as possible.        

For those who are interested in Archaeology, Herodium National park is more than worth the visit. Here are a few photographs which I took of the site mid-2018. The whole fortress is built on an artificial mountain, constructed by Herod the Great c.23-15BCE. More information on the site, including the history, location and visiting hours can be found on the Israeli Parks Authority website.   The place is rich in History and… Read More

I feel that the “About” section of the blog should cover the basics of a blog like this. However, I realise that there is a need for a mission statement. So, the purpose of this website is to showcase my photography and creative writing. It is not a personal blog as such, though in the arts, I find that one’s experiences tend to be manifested in the final products, regardless of whether… Read More

Last Post of the travel photography blog readers! One hopes that the photos have been pleasing to the eye until now.   On the late afternoon of the 16th, we pulled into the Port of Rotterdam and parked the vehicle on the Pride of Rotterdam. As a former Security Guard on a Cruise Ship (The GTS Summit) I cannot explain how awesome it was just to relive all of those memories! The Pride of… Read More

After the early morning travel shoot in Bern which I uploaded yesterday, my cousin and I enjoyed a decent breakfast at the Martahaus before setting off on a misty morning drive. This is what it looked like in the beginning: The mist is actually kind of pretty, in my opinion at least, just not very enjoyable when one is trying to get from A to B in good time. We bypassed Basel and got… Read More

Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the faithful!   The morning of the 14th was a Wednesday. I remember getting up before Ant and retracing our steps from last night. I took the opportunity to get some snaps of Old Bern in the cloudy morning sky – especially the Zytglogge. Now bear in mind (pun intended) that the mascot of the city of Bern is a bear – the name… Read More

Day 3 of the Europe 2018 tour with my cousin, Anthony: Now, after another night in this place (which I shall aptly dub): Most Luxurious Mountain Retreat in Tuscany To Which I Shall Return, it was time for us to set off on the purpose of our journey which was to drive this vehicle featured below from Vicinato in Italy to Hull in the United Kingdom in order for said vehicle to undergo its… Read More