Alexander S. Findlay


Day 2 in Europe I stayed over at my cousin’s place in Termina Vicinato which he has been working on and improving over the years and I must say, he has done a wonderful job with the place! The house has Four Bedrooms, two bathrooms, a view of the Garfagnana area of Tuscany; I’d seriously recommend it to anybody who is keen to visit the area: Luxurious Tuscan Mountain Retreat Some photos… Read More

It is actually about time that I start uploading my Europe photos in order instead of in dribs and drabs on facebook.   November, before the snows hit, I went for a short road trip through Europe with my cousin. Day 1 involved meeting up in Milan – the destination of my EasyJet flight. It was my first time in the city, if not in Italy, and I am glad that we… Read More